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Effective Treatment for Depression and Anxiety


Treating Depression

Depression is an overwhelming sense of sadness, irritability, or deadness that is often painfully accompanied by helplessness, despair, worthlessness, or guilt. Depression can interfere with intimate and social relationships as well as professional ambitions. Whether your depression is reactive to recent losses, disappointments and stressors or is more cyclical--a dark retreat that re-emerges-- I will help you identify and understand the sources of your negative feelings, develop a compassionate stance towards yourself, re-establish a sense of connection to others, and find your way through to feelings of hope and possibility.


Treating Anxiety

Anxiety is a signal, alerting us to impending danger. When adaptive, anxiety enables us to take action, to meet or cope with perceived threat. When anxiety gets the upper hand, it leaves us uncomfortably self conscious, nervous, ashamed, exhausted. Astonishingly crippling, anxiety interferes with perception, attention, and learning. It causes confusion and sometimes complete avoidance, exacerbating isolation, loneliness, and shame. I will work with you to track triggers to anxiety and panic, develop techniques for self-soothing, creating space for other feelings and experiences.

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