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Managing Anger

Anger is an emotional, affective response to a situation in which one feels mistreated by another:  mistreated, ignored, slighted, neglected.  Anger is not a bad emotion.   And, in fact has many necessary functions.  Anger helps us to know where our boundaries
 are: when someone is too close, when we are being hurt, when we are being threatened, when trouble is looming.  Anger is information.  It is also part of our life force--providing energy, fueling ambition and creativity. 

Anger is problematic when it’s too frequent, too intense, lasts too long or when it leads to disruption and break down of important relationships.  I will take your anger seriously--there is truth there!  But also work with you to find ways to identify the emotional and situational triggers, develop a set of strategies that can be relied upon to increase opportunities for you to feel heard and understood.